Problem:Is the project growing, new employees regularly come into it and spend too much time until they get into the subject?


Most likely, the process is slowed down due to improper organization of training.

It will take 4-5 working days for a new employee who has never worked with JIRA to understand 70 pages of detailed instructions and start working in the system.

At the same time, he will distract other employees countless times by asking them questions.

It is difficult for a person who reads JIRA for the first time and sees it for the first time to find buttons and navigate the system, even after reading the detailed description. Your system can contain a huge number of non-standard automation and operating time, which also need to be studied - it's all very long and complicated.

What we offer: training based on video lessons that give a visual idea of ​​working with the system after viewing the first lesson.

What do you get:

  • Instead of 70 instruction sheets, there are 7 video tutorials in which not only a detailed guide to hotkeys is embedded, but also explains what and why
  • Only 40 minutes of timing, instead of 4-5 days of constant explanation
  • A plan, based on video tutorials, with all time codes, according to which any employee can find the desired topic and repeat it

When you introduce new integrations, training can be supplemented. Even complex integrations are easier to show than to read about them.

Leave a request if you experience difficulties with the training of employees and we will create a training video according to your instructions. We will write instructions if they do not exist or supplement existing ones.

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