We have already trained dozens of companies to work with Jira and implemented our technologies in this process.

Working with software tools requires special skills, they do not come from nowhere - they need to be accumulated. We replaced the popular and half-error-prone method with video tutorials. Nothing supernatural but a great result!


What tasks do video tutorials solve:

  • Training for "new" ones who first see JIRA or who urgently need to understand the configuration of the instrument within your company. At the same time, it is advisable that they do not delay the time of other employees
  • The introduction of a new large-scale tool in JIRA, requiring the training of existing employees without losing their productivity
  • Too many printed instructions have accumulated, there are so many that it’s time to create instructions on how to work on them correctly

10 pages of printed instructions with screenshots are not able to compete with the 5-6 minute video. We use the video tutorial method and we really like the format, do you want to see for yourself?

Contact us and we: 

  • We will study the features of your company and draw up individual training plans for employees
  • We will prepare instructions or record training videos in which we briefly describe only what is really needed
  • We will conduct online training with a demonstration

Our team is sincerely interested in the process of your training and meets the individual needs of each.

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