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When will the time come for process automation? Most likely yesterday. Make no mistakes in design and take care of business today

Using JIRA software, you and your team will always keep abreast of the project. And even closer, having completed the JIRA plug-ins, individual improvements, integrations and synchronization.


We will customize your application to any commands, be you:

  • Tester team
  • Managers
  • Developers
  • Or a team that constantly practices agile

We teach simple and effective ways to use JIRA:

  • Manage sprints and backlog on scrum-board
  • Visualize the workflow and limit the number of simultaneously performed tasks using the kanban method
  • Plan large volumes of work, combining subtasks into tasks, tasks into epics, and epics into huge road maps and boards
  • Create your own processes and monitor tasks on a scrum or kanban board
  • Track the amount of time spent working on tasks using the Gantt chart, for each user and for each project, if necessary
  • Set permissions to give team members different access levels or restrict it
  • Create the most unthinkable reports as often as you need it: analyze the load on the user; average age of unresolved problems; task resolution time report and much more

Start saving money and time:

  • We know how to optimize your business processes and are ready to train your team
  • We show how convenient and efficient the work of the company can be when it is automated with good software.
  • We will clearly show what your team is doing at any given time using the Gantt scale


Are you worried that it takes a lot of time to learn new software products, they also require complete immersion, distracting employees from the main tasks?

  • Expand tasks on shelves, projects, boards
  • We will write training videos according to your instructions or create instructions yourself
  • We introduce any automation as comfortable as possible for you and your team, without affecting your workflow

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