Technical support

Already changed the life of the team by installing Jira? Employees discuss a new acquisition and understand together, how is everything arranged in it?

Most likely, they ask each other questions and collectively look for answers to them, and working time flies in vain. We are ready to save your time, and therefore money!

During the day we will give answers to hundreds, thousands of your why and how - ask as much as you need!

How is your communication with our support team organized:

  • You will have access to a chat in which our experts will actively support your endeavors and patiently give you as much time as needed
  • Support will answer in detail the most common and / or tricky questions. No false constraint - we have all studied and want to share knowledge!

What questions you are sure to have:

  • Why are tasks duplicated?
  • Why does the employee not see the task?
  • How to attach a heavy attachment to a task?
  • Does Atlassian adhere to information security standards?
  • How to watch your timeshare?

Be sure, we know all the answers and will be happy to make sure that you also figured out everything! and happy to share them as quickly as possible.

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