Cause. Consequence Decision. Only such a method in the approach to counseling

It is important for us to understand what caused the emergence of a particular stage of the development of the situation and, on the basis of this understanding, propose suitable solutions.

We’ll evaluate, help you figure out which management methodology suits your project and which method you choose:

  • What is the difference between JIRA Software and JIRA Core
  • What is JIRA Service Desk and how to configure call queues for various parameters

Provide a comparison, explain:

  • How to use epics and configure roles
  • What is the difference between Structure and BigPicture
  • What is better to use tasks and subtasks or epics and tasks
  • Which Jira is better to use Cloud or Server
  • How to keep abreast of everything that happens in the company using one screen.

We’ll tell you how to automate processes, how tools differ, and much more.

We will help you choose the right solution based on the needs of the business. We will show you all the differences and benefits.

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