Reporting Automation

Reporting Automation

Reporting Automation

Problem:The report on freelancers with whom you work the manager brings on a piece of paper and it always has errors?


Most likely this happens as follows. The team has a large number of freelancers who perform individual tasks of different cost.

Once a week, the manager draws up a report on the work they have done, does the upload separately for each freelancer, and receives the amount for the transfer of wages.

At the same time, the manager, collecting all the data in Excel manually, is forced to:

  • Manually do the uploading of summary information on tasks, which does not exclude the presence of errors in numbers
  • Compare data in a large number of different Excel tabs, losing the big picture
  • Work with a large Excel canvas, wasting time looking for the right column, row or cell
  • Constantly correct formulas that have flown away from the slightest touch

Assume that each user requires an individual verification. Let’s say, in the system of 50-200 + users - in this way, an average weekly payout and correction of errors on a report can take an average of 1-3 business days for a manager.

Some users may not be included in the report due to human factors.

What solution we offer: full automation of the reporting process in JIRA

We set up all the necessary automation. What do you get:

  • High team performance
  • The lack of a huge canvas in Excel
  • Real-time data visualization
  • Only relevant information
  • Minus one weekly headache

The report will be fully automated. The manager will have a window in which he can set the dates and display the desired report for a given period.

Everything will be considered automatically, given the method of payment for each freelancer, which means that errors that arise due to the human factor will be eliminated.

Instead of a whole working day, the manager will make and set payment for 1 hour!

Our team always meets individual needs and is sincerely interested in the process of improving your functionality. Leave a request for its completion in the feedback form.

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