Integration with google presentations

Integration with google presentations

Integration with google presentations

Problem:Actively working with good software, long established work processes and not complaining about the result?


And let's double, no, triple the productivity of your employees working with JIRA + Google Presentations. Yes it is possible!

When creating a task in JIRA with a specific type, you need to create a similar slide in the desired presentation in Google Docs. This will require complete synchronization between the task and the slide in the Presentation. If one of the employees changed the task or information on the slide, then the change will have to be synchronized manually so that the task data remains relevant.

Let's consider how the process proceeds in your company. After creating a task, slides to them in Google are created manually:

  • To create 1 task in JIRA, approximately 5 minutes of working time will be spent (depending on the amount of material that needs to be attached in a future slide)
    Creating a new slide in Google (taking into account re-entry, searching for the desired presentation, adding a slide to it and copying information), approximately - 10-15 minutes

We count. Since slides can be for different presentations that are in different places, 15-20 minutes of time will be spent on creating 1 slide. And if you need 10 slides? Correctly - 150-200 minutes. We’ll translate it into hours and get 2.5-3.5 hours of working time for the presentation, in which there are only 10 slides!

What solution we offer: full automation of the JIRA synchronization process with Google Presentations.

We are deploying automatic synchronization of the systems you need.

What do you get:

  • Convenience, because when creating a task in JIRA, you fill out the necessary material only to it
  • Automatically create a slide in the right folder, in the right Google Presentation
  • Significantly save man hours
  • You always have up-to-date information, because the “forgetfulness” of users who make changes is excluded

We provide our customers with training for any skill level with JIRA:

Our team meets the individual needs of each and is sincerely interested in the process of your training.

  • On site or online
  • Group or individual

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