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Manage users of various directories (Active Directory, LDAP, OpenLDAP or Microsoft Azure AD) and application authentication rights with a single solution.

Unified Authentication System (SSO)

Make life easier for users - provide them with one username and one password to enter all the necessary applications. Bring together all Atlassian products (such as Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket) so users can use a single sign-on system. It is very convenient!

Combine multiple directories

Bind any directory combination to the application and manage authentication rights in the same place. This is ideal for working with users who are outside the main directory. Get started with extensions for AD, LDAP, Microsoft Azure AD, Novell eDirectory, etc., or create your own.

Unified authentication and credentials
easy to use

Manage Group Rights
Can't make batch changes to the directory? Leave the users in the LDAP directory and set the authentication rights in Crowd. To save time, configure the automatic addition of new users to specific groups.
Integrate with existing infrastructure
With built-in support for Microsoft Azure AD, Google Apps, and other third-party add-ons, integrating with your existing credential infrastructure is easy. Provide developers with a single REST interface for developing custom integrations. No need to learn LDAPv3! Change directories without affecting application performance.
Get regulatory and safety compliant
Using the built-in Crowd log, you can track configuration changes, making managing your deployment easier. In addition, an additional level of security is provided. And thanks to integration with third-party tools, you can send audit records to Crowd through the REST API and receive information on each change in the entire ecosystem.

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