Confluence is open total workspace

Achieve more together. Confluence is a space for teamwork in which the accumulated knowledge and opportunities for teamwork form a single whole to achieve ambitious goals.

Create a reliable source of information

Create anything from meeting protocols and product requirements to marketing plans and HR policies. Start with a blank page or custom template and add personality with images, videos, and gifs to breathe life into your work.

Let the work move

Have to spend time looking for the latest version of a document? Organize your work by grouping related pages in a specially created section, which is available only to you or to you and other users. Thanks to a powerful search tool and structured page trees, content is always easy to find and always at hand.

Inspire discussions

Speed up the verification process and let the work move. Co-edit pages, leave comments directly in the texts or on the page, mention colleagues and conveniently observe the decisions that your team makes.

Project planning

Meeting agendas

Product requirements

Marketing plan

Blog Post

Create space for interaction and exchange of ideas to keep work moving

Your workspace - your rules.

Find out why Confluence is a powerful teamwork tool.

Convenient templates

Page labels to organize them

Powerful Search Filters

Job tracking

Flexible page access settings

Page history

Mobile version of Confluence

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