Bitbucket is not just a code management tool in Git. Bitbucket provides teams with a single center for project planning, code collaboration, testing, and deployment.

Pull requests

Pull requests simplify code validation, which improves its quality and makes it possible to share knowledge in a team.

Branch Permissions

Branch access rights provide precise access control within the team: only those who should edit the code and only where necessary.

Special code search

Thanks to semantic search, which displays definitions at the top of the list, it will take less time to analyze the search results.

Build quality code, implement fast

Build quality code, implement fast

Get an idea of what's changing in the repositories by using a combined or comparative analysis of the differences when checking the code.

Integration with third-party solutions

Integrate Bitbucket into your existing lifecycle to streamline your development process.

Integration with Jira Software

Create a branch inside the task in Jira Software and configure triggers to change statuses when checking or merging code.

Assembly Integration

Bitbucket can display build results for your CI systems. The quality of the code is easy to determine by the “successful” or “with an error” icon.


Help your team focus on a specific goal, product or process by combining repositories into projects.

Client for computer

Take full advantage of Git and Mercurial in a delightfully simple computer application.

Integrate with other tools

Streamline your process with Confluence,
Bitbucket, and hundreds of other tools
Knowledge management
Just one click away, and the product requirements from Confluence turn into a Jira backlog.
Development process
When committing to Bitbucket, Jira Software automatically updates tasks and changes job status.
Continuous integration
Use Bamboo for continuous integration and keep track of the status of your builds without leaving Jira Software.
Free unlimited private repositories
Free for small teams, as well as paid - Standard or Premium
Best-in-class Jira & Trello integration
Keep your projects systematic by creating branches of the Receiver directly from Jira or from Trello boards
Built-in Continuous Deployment
Build, test and deploy with integrated CI / CD.

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