Problem:The processes are worked out and are moving along the thumb, the business is growing steadily, and are you still working with documents on paper?

We understand that it’s hard to believe, but your company may be one step away from paper collapse.

How to understand that it is already happening:

The number of contracts, applications, invoices and other documentation in the company is growing and more and more office space is occupied by folders with business papers. They require more storage space, it is increasingly difficult to find the necessary information in them.

It becomes difficult to track the status of each document: it is not clear where the document is located, who has already read it and left its signature, and who is not. We have to spend time searching for it + the tasks associated with the document are inhibited.

It is difficult to submit reports, turning into round-the-clock work, and fines for delaying deadlines for reports become the norm.

Due to paperwork, payments to remote employees are delayed, and the timing of payments can increase up to 2-4 weeks.

We agree that most companies do not manually manage documents and use 1C: or Bitrix 24 type CRM systems.

At the same time, they store some of the documents in electronic form on Google Drive and link the links to them to the necessary counterparty or task. And all this works more or less until the office begins to grow:

  • Google Drive tabs in tandem with CRM begin to absorb office equipment resources
  • Documents have to be constantly downloaded to a PC and stored in the hard drive memory
  • The load on the Internet channel is constantly growing, reducing data loading and inhibiting the work of the team as a whole

The transition to local servers, as a rule, is not solved, but only exacerbate the problems described. At the same time, automation of services, as a rule, is technically impossible.

What solution we offer: the introduction of a unified and comfortable environment for document management - JIRA.

Working with her:

  • No need to go get the paper original
  • With one click you can find out the status of the order
  • Never lose a single document

It can be individually customized, integrated with your accounting systems and adapted using applications to any needs.

With JIRA, the team can easily create documents, organize tasks on them and manage processes without leaving the workplace.

The status of each document will be known: where is the document, in what condition, with which projects and clients is connected.

Before implementing JIRA, we:

  • We will carry out an audit of the documentation and offer technical solutions suitable specifically for your situation.
  • We will develop and comfortably implement a workflow system
  • Quickly train employees to work with the new environment using videos
  • We will provide full technical support in the development of the system.

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